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CNP CDLF 3 (0,37 KW - 3KW)
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CNP CDLF 3 (0,37 KW - 3KW)

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Driving Motor     0,37KW - 3KW      
Flow Range     1,2 M3/H - 4 M3/H      
Head       6 Meter - 218 Meter      
Max Pressure     22 Bar        
Temperatur range        -  15 Up to +120 Degree Celcius  
Max Efficiency     54%        
Pipe Connection DIN Flange   DN25        
Material;       Stainless steel AISI 304    
Weight       20-57Kg        
CDLF 3-2(0,37KW),Head (6-12,5Meter)            
CDLF 3-3(0,37KW),Head (9-19Meter)            
CDLF 3-4(0,37KW),Head (12-25Meter)            
CDLF 3-5(0,37KW),Head (16-31Meter)            
CDLF 3-6(0,55KW),Head (19-36Meter)            
CDLF 3-7(0,55KW),Head (22-43Meter)            
CDLF 3-8(0,75KW),Head (25-49Meter)          
CDLF 3-9(0,75KW),Head (28-55Meter)          
CDLF 3-10(0,75KW),Head (31-61Meter)          
CDLF 3-11(1,1KW),Head (34-67Meter)          
CDLF 3-12(1,1KW),Head (37-73Meter)          
CDLF 3-13(1,1KW),Head (40-78Meter)          
CDLF 3-15(1,1KW),Head (46-90Meter)          
CDLF 3-17(1,5KW),Head (52-103Meter)          
CDLF 3-19(1,5KW),Head (58-115Meter)          
CDLF 3-21(2,2KW),Head (64-128Meter)          
CDLF 3-23(2,2KW),Head (70-140Meter)          
CDLF 3-25(2,2KW),Head (76-151Meter)          
CDLF 3-27(2,2KW),Head (82-164Meter)          
CDLF 3-29(2,2KW),Head (88-175Meter)          
CDLF 3-31(3KW),Head (94-187Meter)          
CDLF 3-33(3KW),Head (100-199Meter)          
CDLF 3-36(3KW),Head (109-218Meter)          

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